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    Shelton Electric Instruments in action

Anthony Pirog

Earthquaker Devices Interview

Guitar Magazine

GalaxyFlite Demo

Eric Jason Brock

Shelton GalaxyFlite Quick Look

Anthony Pirog

Premier Guitar Rig Rundown

Christian Lopez

Don't Wanna Say Goodnight


Coda Music Quick Demo

Chicago Music Exchange

Shelby checks out some GalaxyFlites.

Sean Pierce Johnson

Sean checks out a SolarFlite.

Worship Tutorials GalaxyFlite

Review of the GalxyFlite courtesy of Brian and Bradford.

EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter

Reverb tries out a Data Corropter with a GalaxyFlite

Worship Tutorials GalaxyFlite

Review of the GalxyFlite courtesy of Brian and Bradford.

Jext Telez White Pedal Overdrive Fuzz Demo

Reverb uses a GalaxyFlite to demo the new Jext Telez White Pedal.

JHS The Pink Panther Digital Delay

Reverb demos a JHS Pink Panther with a GalaxyFlite.

Worship Tutorials TimeFlite GTX

Brian and Bradford take the GTX out for a spin.

GalaxyFlite Reverb Demo Video

Published on Dec 17, 2015

Worship Tutorials TimeFlite Demo Video

"We love the playability of the guitar. The setup, fret work, and attention to detail are impressive. It honestly plays as well as any guitar I’ve ever played, and that includes some very nice and very, very expensive instruments."

Matt Calderin Guitar Tours

Matt demos a TimeFlite Vintage.

Shelton SkyFlite Demo | Porter S90 Pickups

Shelton Electric Instruments SkyFlite with S90's from Porter Pickups.

Worship Tutorials Line 6 Helix Demo

TimeFlite GTX demos Helix vs Real Amps

The Christian Lopez Band

Called “best newcomer” at the Americana Music Fest 2015 by Rolling Stone, Christian is an artist to watch. Christian will be taking his Shelton Electric Instruments TimeFlite Vintage onstage as the band tours in support of their new release “Onward”.

Jackroy Li

"It's Now or Never" Live at Revolution Recording Studio